Here’s why the music industry is broken


Former Conservative caucus member tells it how it is on Canadian PM Stephen Harper

“I was once a loyal soldier to the Prime Minister and as a former Conservative caucus member, Stephen Harper has got to go for the good of the Conservative party. His time is up and the CPC needs to find a replacement yesterday. I believe Harper’s love for power and control is dangerous and he has ruined the lives of people who were close and loyal to him. I cannot imagine what he does to his enemies.”

Time travel… maybe not as ridiculous as one would think

A lot of reposted garbage on facebook will try to get your clicks by telling you that your mind is about to be blown. Well, this article is absolutely fascinating and if you can wrap your head around it, it will probably come as realistically close to blowing your mind as possible. Make sure you watch the video about the double slit experiment, it is a very helpful visual (linked in the article).

So we knew this already, but Coca Cola is pretty much run by criminals

It’s common knowledge that some of today’s huge corporations are corrupt as hell at the top, and a lot of their actions are unethical.
This situation is a great example of that. It’s cigarette companies all over again. 2L bottles of coke should come with a skull and cross bones and a warning label as far as I’m concerned.

Hip Hop in the Holy Land – Noisey

Here’s a super interesting 4 part documentary about the hip hop coming out of the Israel/ Palestine conflict. Great view of different perspectives and a bunch of music you’ve probably never heard.

Episode 1 – The Godfather of Palestinian Rap

Episode 2 – Can Rap Bring The Messiah?

Episode 3 – The ‘Black Hebrew’ Rap Star of Israel

Episode 4 – The Last Zionist Rapper?

Episode 5 still to come…